Tips For Getting A Job Teaching English In Thailand:


  • Education: 
    BA/BS preferred
  • TEFL Certification: 
    A minimum of 150 Hrs TESOL Foundation or a 300 Hrs TESOL Advance is required
  • Peak Hiring Months: 
    Formal schools hire from February - April & August - October (formal schools)
    Language institutes hire year round
  • Types of Jobs: 
    Public Schools, Private language schools, Private tuitions
  • Citizenship Requirements: 
    Both natives and non natives with fluent English speaking skills can apply
  • Typical Hiring Process: 
    Can be face to face as well as Skype/telephonic
  • Average teaching hours per week: 
    25-35 hours of classroom & extra preparation time
  • Types of Students: 
    School children, Business Students and Private students
  • Cost of Living per month: 
    $500 - 800 USD
  • Visas: 
    Work Visa by the employer
  • Average Monthly Pay: 
    $1500 - 3500USD. Depends on experience
  • Start –up cost: 
    $1,000 - 1,500 USD
  • Potential to save or break-even: 
    Typical monthly savings range from $450 - $1000 USD per month
  • Accommodation Benefits: 
    Stipend can be availed as well as housing
  • Fight Reimbursements: 
    In rare cases

Teach English In Thailand

A four-year degree and a TEFL certification will help any native English speaker and qualified non-native speaker to find a job for teaching English mainly during the months of May and November. Most of the job openings are in private or public formal schools for teaching young adults or children. Bangkok and some of the other large cities offer the option of teaching in private schools and language institutes to adults, business professionals, or young adults and children while some of the smaller Thai towns also have some positions.

Teaching English in Thailand job interviews are mostly in-person while some may be completed by Skype or over the phone. Housing expenses and airfares need to be borne by the English instructors. Housing is highly affordable with many of the English teachers choosing to share living space with their coworkers. Typical teaching contracts are for 5 to 12 months and can involve teaching either children or business professionals. A Non-B Immigrant Visa is usually required for the English teaching jobs.

English teachers get to live a comfortable life on the generous salary that they are offered while still managing to save $500-$700 every month. Thai Baht has a valuation equal to around one-third that of the US Dollar with cost of living and travel being extremely low. Work weeks are no more than 20 to 25 hours long which leaves teachers with plenty of time for travel and exploration while some take this opportunity for making some extra money through online teaching.

A TEFL certification and four-year bachelor’s degree are the typical requirements for teaching English in Thailand. A clean background check also needs to be obtained by those interested in finding a job here. Cities such as Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok are the major English-teaching hubs in the country.