About TESOL Canada

TESOL Canada (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Canada) is a Canadian Non- Profit organization which is dedicated to assist the TESOL learners as well as the teachers abroad and in Canada. It is supported the Canadian university academics and the Board of Directors- TESOL Canada. They focus on unifying the educators as well as the students on various issues related to the learning methods of language. Technical developments like e- learning, upgraded methodologies, research related to teaching skills, curriculum development and design, publishing the TESOL journals, updating the TESOL convention reports as well as sharing the same with the members and the globally affiliated organizations are some of the key responsibilities that the Board focuses on. A lot of effort and hard work had been given by TESOL Canada to establish Canadian Standards in Teaching TEFL, TESOL, TESL, TSSOL, IELTS TFSOL, TFI and TOIEC in English, Spanish and French within the affiliated institutions.


Canada's largest recognized "Online TESOL Center"

TESOL CANADA is Canada’s, the largest recognized "Online TESOL Center". It is the only center that provides accreditation and standards to the Teachers of English, Spanish TSSOL, French TFSOL all across the world and Canada as well. Canada, certainly has many other respected Provincial as well as National TESOL associations, however, TESOL Canada is different in all its EFL and ESL hybrid as well as the online teaching technique approaches abroad and in Canada also. Along with ESL, the sole purpose of TESOL Canada lies in researching, designing and upgrading the standards and curriculum for the teachers to teach in 14 international languages. The teachers of Chinese TCSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Arabic TJSOL, Russion TRSOL, Korean TKSOL, Turkish TTSOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Italian TISOL and German TGSOL are offered memberships and additional certificates by TESOL Canada. Since 1995, it has maintained the highest standards of TESL and TESOL courses with the teacher training programs. While most of the Canadian TESL Associations focus only on their services in Canada, however TESOL Canada has successfully expanded and implemented programs globally.


TCBE - TESOL Canada Board Exam

The main purpose of TESOL Canada Board Exam is to assess and evaluate the academic knowledge as well as the teaching skills- especially the accredited teachers by TESOL Canada. The process of evaluation involves the TESOL graduates. This is a stepping stone for them which standardizes their ESL and TESOL education across the globe and in Canada as well. Stronger and competitive educational leaders and many proficient teachers are formed and trained by higher standards along with effective and efficient evaluations. The examination provides the TESOL Equivalency Certificates and the TESOL Accreditation Certificates to all the graduates of the accredited institutions by TESOL Canada. The TCBE is conducted online and it is supervised in many Canadian as well as International organizations.