Teaching Business English (TBE)

Course Fee

450 USD


3 months




TESOL Canada's Teaching Business English (TBE) program equips you, as an aspiring TEFL trainer, with cutting-edge and updated TEFL instructing techniques to teach Business English to non-native business professionals. It helps you to meet the global standards to teach adults. The course helps in curriculum design, need analysis, consumer approach, teaching business communication that includes speaking and writing along with the techniques of systematic classroom management. The teaching Business English (TBE) course precisely fulfills what is required to be an expert EFL trainer for commercial business learners. Widen your horizon with these modern skillsets and standout from others as you begin the journey in this field. After completion of the course, you have to take the TESOL Canada Board Exam (TCBE) to get certified.


Teaching Business English (TBE)

Phase I - Introduction to Business English - features and components

The Learner

  • The teaching context
  • The trainer
  • The language
  • Communication techniques
  • Communicative Language teaching

Phase II - Need Analysis

  • Need analysis - categories and modes
  • Decision Making
  • Communication needs
  • Business needs

Phase III - Course Design

  • Setting objectives
  • Syllabus components
  • Designing
  • Implementing
  • Setting up the independent on-going learning plan
  • Managing the logistics

Phase IV - The Client Approach

  • Introduction - Adult, personal and professional
  • Present yourself professionally -differing "roles" for the teacher - e.g. coach, consultant facilitator
  • Methods of empowering learners

Phase V - Feedback and Evaluation

  • Different types
  • Assessing the trainees

Phase VI - Classroom Management

  • Creating rapport - sensitivity to needs
  • Modelling instructions
  • Creating interactive activity
  • Varying activities
  • Being a facilitator

Phase VII - Teaching Business Speaking

  • Business communication related to socialization
  • Skill practice variants - the different methods

Phase VIII - Teaching Business Writing

  • Technicalities of Business Writing
  • The basic business writing - types and approaches to training writing


The trainees enrolling in our program can expect entire preparation from our experienced tutors who are committed to helping the trainees to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience, the tutors will provide superb educational help to the trainees and information them via all the components of teaching giving adequate recommendation in every step of the way. You can attain out to them through email. They share their expertise and applicable data associated to the course content to assist you with your queries.


After successfully appearing for the TESOL Canada Board Exam (TCBE), the candidates will be awarded with an exclusive TESOL Canada certificate that is globally accepted and recognized.

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