Global Mission

Improvisation of TESOL Standards

The primary mission of TESOL Canada is to develop modern curriculum in Teachers Training enabling our institutional members to set up greater educating standards in their schools and nearby communities.


Public Protection and Service

Striving for higher prerequisites TESOL Canada aids in limiting non-accredited TESOL courses & ESL training worldwide. Stricter requirements improve educating skills, teachers' ethics as well as the learning output for all students.


Teachers & Schools Verification of Accreditation

This course helps to verify if a particular teacher or faculty is certified and accredited, limiting non-accredited packages that are less than 150 hours.


Employment Referral Services & Legal Advice

The members of the process guides help in verifying different legal corners of the contracts for employment from abroad countries and Canada as well. Our employment referrals to various internationally connected schools stands as a free service which is offered to all the members.


Upgrading TESOL Skills

Continuous learning and development are required for any of teaching position. The online webinars as well as the course upgrades as provided by TESOL Canada help in research and development for the same, use of latest technology within the classroom, lesson planning and so on. Among many, TBE, TAS, TEC, TPE are few additional specialized courses offered by TESOL Canada.


Global Community Partnership

Our International Affiliates offer TESOL programs through TESOL Los Angeles & TESOL USA, TESOL New York, Miami TESL Florida, TESOL Mexico City, Acapulco, TESL Brazil Rio de Janeiro, TESL Chili Santiago and the Dominican Republic. TESOL Europe EUTA offer courses in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, London, Belfast, Scotland, Paris, Istanbul, and Moscow. TESOL Arabia offers programs in Dubai, Jordan, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. TESOL Asia has classes in Beijing, Nagoya, Tokyo, Seoul, Thailand, and Vietnam. In cooperation with TESOL Québec, TESOL Iran offer courses in Tehran.


Our Strategy

This is a joint effort which can be only possible when IT professionals and the teachers are working together. Their primary motto is to create a user friendly platform for the teachers who are pursuing the TESOL program online..


Our Ambitions

We aim at reinventing business processes and productivity, make optimum use of the intelligent cloud technology as well as to create a lot of educational computing especially in teaching languages.