TESOL Canada's Academic Board

TESOL Canada's Academic Board comprises of experienced as well as accomplished teaching professionals from various backgrounds as Associate Academic Directors who would not only share their expertise for all our academics but they also give an assurance to our academic integrity along with high quality.The Board is aligned with our global mission and plays a major role in order to bring in new development in the academic areas.


TESOL Canada Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Anthony Sanchez Ventura, TSSOL & Spanish Studies, UNAM- Montréal, Québec
  • Dr. David Cohen, TESOL Graduate Studies, UAMU- Los Angeles, California
  • Dr. Fouad El- Karnichi, Director of CIT, Translation Studies- Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Sam Parsayan, Chairman and Director of Board- Ottawa, Ontario
  • Dr. Siavash Valizadeh, President CEO, McGill University, Office in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Dr. Sana H, Director of TASOL, N.Y., U.S.A.

TESOL Canada Administration:

  • Mrs. Jennifer Steel, Director of Administration, Toronto, Ontario
  • Ms. Stacy Sharp, Director of Operation, SFU- Vancouver, B.C.
  • Mr. Simon Baker, Administration Assistant, Vancouver, B.C.

TESOL Canada Regional Academic Directors:

  • Mr. Abel Chang, TESOL Canada Beijing, Foreign Languages University, China
  • Mrs. Ji, Chairman of TESOL Canada Beijing, Foreign Languages University, China
  • Dr. Sanjib Chakaraborty, Asian College of Teachers- Kolkata, India
  • Mr. Mohammad Kashif, Eureka Education- Karachi, Pakistan
  • Mrs. Teresa Romero, Academic Director of TSSOL & TESOL, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mr. Philip Michael Duffer, Academic Director of TESOL, Monterrey, Mexico


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