• Education: 
    Bachelor's Degree is required
  • TEFL Certification: 
    Typically 150 Hours of TESOL Foundation is required
  • Types of Jobs: 
    Voluntary teaching and Private students (primarily within Palestinian territories)
  • Average teaching hours per week: 
    25-35 hours of classroom & extra preparation time
  • Typical Hiring Process: 
    Mainly in person interviews
  • Types of Students: 
    Adult learners, linguistic schools, business professionals
  • Business professionals, adult language learners, children in public schools and private language schools
  • Cost of Living per month: 
    Israel: $1,000 - $1,500 USD , For the Palestinian territories beginning around $400 a month
  • Visas: 
    Tourist visa can be converted to resident visa through the right of return.
  • Average Monthly Pay: 
    Israel: $700 - 1,700 USD Palestine: $500 - $1,500; most of the opportunities are volunteer positions
  • Start –up cost: 
    Israel: $1,200 - 1500 USD; start-up costs for the Palestinian Territories are comparatively lesser
  • Potential to save or Break-even: 
  • Accommodation Benefits: 
  • Fight Reimbursements: 

Teaching English in Israel & Palestinian Territories

As one of the more cosmopolitan and dynamic nations in the region engaging in extensive interaction with the global community in terms of culture and economy, there is a strong demand for learning English language in Israel. However, because of the small size and large number of local people adept at speaking English, it is a small and highly competitive job market that foreign English teachers need to negotiate.

For most of the first-time English teachers, they can gain employment by appearing for an in-person interview upon arrival in Israel though there is also the possibility of arranging some interviews in advance. Candidates appearing for the interview will be responsible for their housing and airfare though some exceptions always exist. The wages are good enough to allow the English teachers to live a comfortable life. Common accommodation is apartments recently vacated by previous teachers while many share spaces with their coworkers. A common work week comprises around 20-25 hours with plenty of spare time for travel and exploring. For extra money, most opt for private lessons.

There is a concentration of English-teaching jobs in the major Israeli cities of Rishon LeZion, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. A TEFL certification is a key requirement for many of the teaching positions.

Palestinian territories : A depressed economy plagued by ongoing regional conflict and small population make the Palestinian territories unattractive in terms of those looking for an English-teaching abroad. Nevertheless, Palestinians are renowned for being dedicated towards their education and many of them view English as a path to enhancing their opportunities for better education and employment. Teaching opportunities are typically low-paying or in volunteer positions such as refugee camps.