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If you are an aspiring TEFL teacher and willing to pursue a TEFL course in a serene holiday destination then enroll in TEFL Kerala which will be an ideal combination of a laid-back vacation with a great opportunity to learn the effective methodologies of TESOL and essential techniques of language teaching to non-speakers of English language. Global Training Academy’s TEFL in Kochi, Kerala will prepare you as a confident and skillful ESL/EFL teacher who can show high standard of language teaching in diverse classrooms across the globe. Kochi also known as Cochin is a vibrant city located in the southern state of Kerala. The city has a rich history as a major port city which has over the years emerged as one of the modern seaside cities of south India with a bagful of attractions to offer its visitors.

Course Details of TEFL Kerala

Course Fees

Global Training Academy is offering 3 weeks in-class TEFL course in Kochi, Kerala at a reasonable course fee of 920 USD.


Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Kerala is an exhaustive program which includes solid understanding of the principles of TESOL and makes TEFL aspirants familiar with significant teaching methodologies relevant to ESL/EFL classrooms all around the world. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are there to assist and facilitate the TEFL trainees to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards. GTA has worked at the best of its abilities to establish itself as a most promising and potential TESOL institution.

Program details

TEFL Course Kerala is a complete TESOL program held in the culturally diverse city of Kochi. It is a 3 week in-class TEFL certification program covering 120 hours and this particular program would help TEFL teachers to get a comprehensive idea about a variety of instructional strategies with the help of properly planned teaching sessions based on both theoretical and practical lessons.


    Kerala Batch 2018:

  • 19th Feb – 9th Mar
  • 14th May - 1st Jun
  • 9th Jul - 27th Jul
  • 26th Nov - 14th Dec


TEFL Course in Kerala offers you accommodation at a very reasonable price. The accommodations are within 10 minutes of walking distance from the training center and provide safety and comfort of a home away from home. There are apartments with twin–sharing option. The apartments have attached washrooms with the bedrooms, a service kitchen and a living area with cable-TV connection. Laundry service is available in most places at cost. Housekeeping is available free of cost 3 -4 times in a week.

The accommodations are mostly in and around Vytilla, and it helps the trainees to be in close proximity to the institute making commuting easy and cheaper, saving on the transportation. Pharmacy, cyber café, restaurants, grocery shops and food marts are available nearby. Hospitals and private clinics are also accessible. Malls and multiplexes are there in the neighborhood to make your life easier.

We offer accommodation to suit the budget of the trainees. The price starts from 12,000 INR for a Non-AC accommodation and 18,000 INR for an AC room. The price covers your 3 weeks stay. The accommodation is available one day prior to the course starts till the day after completion of your course.

Know more about our TEFL Kerala course

Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Kerala is a promising venture which provides a thorough knowledge about language teaching, designing lessons and handling resources. The TESOL trainers of GTA are highly qualified and experienced who help the TEFL trainees to get acquainted with all the techniques before they embark on their ESL journey. TEFL Kerala course consists of teaching practice sessions in the local schools which help our candidates boost their confidence and help them teach without any inhibitions. GTA trainers assist and guide the candidates in every possible way to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards. During 3 weeks stay the trainees will get the option of choosing a/c and non-a/c apartments as their accommodations and they can look forward to a comfortable a stay at a reasonable price.

About Kochi, Kerala

The bustling port city of Kerala, Kochi also known as Cochin is termed as the “Jewel of Kerala”. This popular tourist destination has been the centre of Indian spice trade for many centuries inviting explorers and traders from distant lands. Lush mangroves and swaying coconut trees hemming the scenic backwaters attract tourists from all over the world. Kochi is a visitor’s delight with its quaint churches and old forts scattered around the city. The pretty tea gardens of Munnar and the Periyar forest with its exotic flora and fauna located not very far Kochi serve as weekend getaways. Choosing Kerala as the TEFL destination will prove to be a memorable experience as pursuing TEFL course there will prove to be a holistic and rewarding experience for the trainees.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is about 18 years of age and above, nurtures a deep passion for teaching or planning to become a an ESL/EFL teacher in future, then TEFL Course Kerala is the right choice for you. This course acts as an amazing platform for anyone- natives or non-native English speakers, with a preferably a bachelor’s degree and a good grasp of English language are eligible to take this course.

TEFL Course schedule

TEFL Kerala is a 3 weeks full time program and covers the following -

Week 1- Components of language teaching methods – TEFL methodology includes course outline , approaches to language , theatre techniques, warmer, context setting, foreign language experience, error correction , lesson planning- the Basic model and the Young Learners with in-class peer teaching experience and observed feedback.

Week 2- Teaching skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing, over view of grammar and phonology, Classroom management skills, text based lesson planning ( listening and reading ) with in-class peer teaching experience and observed feedback and preparation for practice- teaching in school.

Week 3- Teaching practice sessions in schools – based on the basic, young learners and receptive skills models, grammar and phonology assignment.

Useful information about prices

- Cinema : about Rs.150
- Beer at a normal bar : Rs.120
- 2 litres of bottled water : Rs.35
- Eating at a restaurant (buffet) : Rs.300 to 400
- Traditional Kerala meal : Rs.60


With around 120–140 rainy days per year, Kerala has a wet and maritime tropical climate influenced by the seasonal heavy rains of the southwest summer monsoon and northeast winter monsoon. Around 65% of the rainfall occurs from June to August corresponding to the Southwest monsoon, and the rest from September to December corresponding to Northeast monsoon. Southwest monsoon; The moisture-laden winds, on reaching the southernmost point of the Indian Peninsula, because of its topography, it divides into two branches; the "Arabian Sea Branch" and the "Bay of Bengal Branch". The "Arabian Sea Branch" of the Southwest monsoon first hits the Western Ghats in the state, making Kerala the first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest monsoon. Northeast monsoon: The distribution of pressure patterns is reversed during this season and the cold winds from North India pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and precipitate it in the east coast of peninsular India. In Kerala, the influence of the Northeast monsoon is seen in southern districts only. Kerala's rainfall averages 2,923 mm annually. Some of Kerala's drier lowland regions average only 1,250 mm; the mountains of eastern Idukki district receive more than 5,000 mm of orographic precipitation: the highest in the state. In eastern Kerala, a drier tropical wet and dry climate prevails. During summer, the state is prone to gale force winds, storm surges, cyclone-related torrential downpours, occasional droughts, and rises in sea level. The mean daily temperatures range from 19.8°C to 36.7°C. Mean annual temperatures range from 25.0–27.5°C in the coastal lowlands to 20.0–22.5°C in the eastern highlands.

Local Highlights

- Take a refreshing afternoon tea in the expansive, hilly tea plantations of Munnar - a nice place to visit.
- You can check-out the blissful, sun drenched beaches of Bekal.
- The luxuriant forests of the Western Ghats - one of Kerala's 14 world-class wildlife sanctuaries.
- Navigate the colorful city of Kochi.

Job Prospects

Students who take the TEFL course in Kerala have excellent job prospects not only within the state but in other parts of India and abroad as well. Kerala is a state with one of the chief exporters of human resources in India, thus you can get a good idea of the international business segment during your stay here.

Your Kerala Guide : www.kerala.com

Kochi TEFL Features

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • Anyone without prior teaching experience is also welcome and considered as a potential candidate of this course
  • An individual can avail TEFL course in Kerala without teaching experience
  • The course fee of 920 USD is very reasonable
  • The TEFL trainers are highly deft and experienced in turning an amateur into a skilled ESL teacher by incorporating teaching skills in them in a methodical and organized way
  • TEFL Course Kerala includes teaching practice sessions in local schools which allows the TEFL trainees to take classes and implement the lessons taught in class
  • GTA provides 100% job assistance to its trainees once they successfully complete the 3 weeks TEFL Course Kerala. We help and support our trainees to find a well-paid teaching placement for them
  • TEFL Course Kerala facilitates the TEFL trainees to become teachers for children as well as makes them eligible to teach adults from the beginner to advanced level

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