150 Hours International Certificate In TEFL / TESOL

Course Fee

16000 INR / 275 USD
*Taxes as applicable


5 months



Course Overview

The 150 hour TEFL course offered by Global Training Academy is a comprehensive melt of professional training and skill based approach, to create international educators out of you. The aim of the program is to satisfy the necessary eligibility requirements to become an EFL / ESL Professional and produce efficient functionalities.

The qualification includes modules on teaching and training techniques and focuses considerably on the attributes of communication. You will learn methods for engaging students and imparting knowledge among them in the most effective ways.


Course Curriculum:

Phase 1 - Introduction to TESOL

Language Acquisition

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Acquisition Vs Learning

EFL teaching

  • Methodologies and Approaches


  • Language Learners and their levels

Phase 2 - The Study of English


  • The structures
  • Contextualizing Grammar

Phase 3 - Teaching Techniques (Language Skills)

Part I

  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing

Part II

  • Context and Language Modeling
  • Communicative ways

Phase 4 - Classroom Management

  • The components

Disaster Management

  • Mixed and large groups

Phase 5 - Lesson Planning

  • Guidelines
  • Format
  • Samples

Phase 6 – Need Based language Teaching

  • EAP
  • ESP
  • Business Communication

Phase 7 – Teaching Young Learners

  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Songs, Rhymes, Stories and games

Phase 8 – Text books and Materials

  • Evaluating Text books
  • Types and use of Materials

15 hours of Teaching English Grammar

15 hours of Teaching English Phonetics

Course Highlights

  • Polishes your communication skills
  • Makes you approachable by both native and non-native English speakers
  • Helps you understand the nuances of elementary and adult teaching
  • Prepares you for skill based training positions
  • Gives the necessary exposure to international teaching and training methodologies
  • Certifies you with a globally recognised and accepted certificate
  • Makes you a part of an extremely demanding profession with adequate lucrative job opportunities

Who can Apply?

  • Candidates willing to teach and train abroad
  • Aspiring and Professional teachers
  • Aspiring and Professional trainers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Freshers
  • Candidates looking for a career change
  • Parents

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