TEFL Course Delhi

Course Fee

45000 INR / 750 USD
*Taxes as applicable


3 weeks


In Class

Course Overview

Delhi, the capital of India, lives up to its status with the help of its prominent presence in history, architecture, culture, food, hospitality, education and infrastructure. Get introduced to the true essence of India and internationally recognised 150 hours TEFL/TESOL training with GTA’s TEFL Course in Delhi.

Moving beyond the regular teaching training programs, GTA’s 150 hours of intensive skill based training is geared to produce professionals that are efficient and proficient. From upscaling your knowledge base of different teaching and training techniques to producing a comfortable learning and enriching environment for a student, our TEFL/TESOL course concentrates on the minute aspects of becoming a notable educator.

Course Curriculum

150 Hours of TEFL Certificate Course Content:

Language Background

The session comprises Grammar and Phonology. Grammar will include awareness of the basics of English Grammar and how to teach grammar, whereas Phonology will cover stress, rhythm, intonation and the speech organs.

Learning a Foreign Language

This session will help the trainee understand what helps and hinders the language learning process and what it feels likes to be in a language learners’ shoes.

Teaching Techniques

  • Theatre in the Classroom
  • Tuning In (Warmers)
  • Teaching Listening
  • Context and Language Modelling
  • Communicative ways
  • Using Aids (IM)
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Teaching Writing
  • Classroom Management
  • Looking at Errors
  • Music in the classroom
  • Use of games and projects

Teaching Observation

Trainees will be expected to observe 2 Teaching Sessions and write reports on them. These will also help them to observe a model lesson before their own teaching practice.

Teaching Practice

Teacher trainees will have 6 teaching Practice classes which will be observed by trainers and the trainees given feedback on them. They will also self evaluate and peer evaluate these Teaching Practice classes helping them to reflect on their own teaching and those of others.

30 hours of Online Practice Material


  • 21st Jan - 8th Feb
  • 11th Mar - 29th Mar
  • 6th May - 24th May
  • 17th Jun - 5th Jul
  • 22nd July - 9th Aug
  • 9th Sep - 27th Sep
  • 25th Nov - 13th Dec

Course Highlights

  • 150 hours professional EFL/ESL training
  • Intensive hands on training by expert trainers
  • Polishes your communication skills
  • Peer teaching sessions build your confidence
  • Practical teaching practices cater to your need for introduction to live classrooms
  • Makes you approachable by both native and non native English speaking students
  • Helps you understand the nuances of elementary and adult teaching
  • Prepares you for skill based training positions
  • Gives the necessary exposure to international teaching and training methodologies
  • Certifies you with a globally recognised and accepted certificate
  • Makes you a part of an extremely demanded profession and lucrative job opportunities

Who Can Do It?

  • Candidates willing to teach and train abroad
  • Aspiring and Professional teachers
  • Aspiring and Professional trainers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Freshers
  • Candidates looking for a career change
  • Parents

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