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If you are planning a short term vacation then Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course in Bangkok will be an ideal combination of a brief holiday which allows you to break free from the regular chores of your life and simultaneously pursue a constructive TEFL Course in an excellent location like Bangkok. While you study you can also visit the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok like The Grand Fort, Chinatown, Floating Market, Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo, The National Museum, Vimanmek Palace, Ananta Samakhom Hall and many more.

Course details of TEFL Course Bangkok

Course Fees

Global Training Academy is offering 3 weeks in Bangkok at a reasonable course fee of 1090 USD 800 USD. Accommodation will be provided in one of the up market and reputed hotels of Bangkok and we ensure it covers all the modern amenities.


    Bangkok Batch 2018:

  • 19th Feb - 9th Mar
  • 9th Apr - 27th Apr
  • 7th May - 25th May
  • 11th Jun - 29th Jun
  • 13th Aug - 31st Aug
  • 8th Oct - 26th Oct
  • 12th Nov - 30th Nov


The candidates during the TEFL Course in Bangkok are offered two types of accommodation – Single and Twin Sharing, in one of the reputed hotels. Twin sharing accommodation costs US$ 300 and single room US$ 500 for 3 weeks. The accommodation is available from 2 pm one day before the course starts, and the same needs to be released the next day by 12 noon after completion of the course. Any overstays beyond that is charged extra. Candidates can also look for their own accommodation.

Program details

TEFL Course in Bangkok is a comprehensive 120 hrs TESOL program in the enthralling city of Bangkok, available at a competitive course fee. It is a 3 week on-site TESOL certification program covering 120 hours. This particular program would help TEFL teachers to get a comprehensive idea about the basic techniques of teachings with the help of properly planned teaching sessions based on both theoretical and practical lessons.


Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Bangkok is a complete program which includes significant teaching methodologies and gives a systematic approach to the aspirant TEFL teachers about teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language all around the world. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are there to assist and facilitate the TEFL trainees to become competent ESL teachers of global standards. GTA has worked at the best of its abilities to establish itself as a most promising and potential TESOL institution.


You are recommended 30/60-days Tourist Visa to come to Thailand applying at your nearest Thai Embassy/Consulate. The tourist visa must be used within the validity date. Overstaying without legal extension leads to a penalty. After arrival in Thailand, a tourist visa or a visa exempt entry may be extended once for an additional 30 days according to immigration Bureau orders 327/2557. The fee involved is 1,900 THB for each extension.

Know more about our TEFL Bangkok course

Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Bangkok is a promising venture which explores significant teaching methodologies and offers a methodical approach to the aspiring TEFL teachers. The TESOL trainers of GTA are highly qualified and experienced who help the TEFL trainees to get acquainted with all the techniques before they delve into the world of ESL. TEFL Course Bangkok consists of teaching practice sessions in the local schools which help our candidates boost their confidence and help them teach without any inhibitions. GTA trainers assist and guide the candidates in every possible way to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards.

About Bangkok-

Bangkok is the capital as well as the largest city of Thailand. Its main port is hugely popular, serving as a gateway and a principal destination for the majority of tourists. Bangkok, is also known as Thailand's "City of Angels" where you can catch a glimpse of the glorious past and take in the golden opportunities of the present. A visitor is sure to witness classical oriental wonder in Bangkok which has wonderfully preserved its phenomenal historical attributes like Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of Dawn and other remnants of the past.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is about 18 years of age and above, nurtures a deep passion for teaching or planning to become a an ESL/EFL teacher in future, then TEFL Course Bangkok is the right choice for you. This course acts as an amazing platform for anyone- natives or non-native English speakers, with or without a degree / diploma/teaching qualification /experience – thus eliminating all discriminations and ensuring the TEFL/TESOL trainees to take up teaching as a prospective career option in future.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are not limited to teaching jobs. There are jobs for interpreters and in the large number of corporate organizations in Bangkok. However, the majority of the jobs belong to the teaching category. There are plenty of reputed international and private schools in Bangkok who offer good salary to the teachers. They are in steady need of ESL teachers. A TEFL Certificate in Bangkok will be highly beneficial in securing one of these lucrative job opportunities.

Places to see in Bangkok

The fascinating city of Bangkok offers beautiful sightseeing options. Some of the most hyped attractions are :

  • Grand Palace
  • Emerald Buddha/ Wat Phra Kaeo
  • Temple of Dawn/ Wat Arun
  • The National Museum
  • The house of Jim Thompson
  • Pasteur Institute or Snake Farm
  • The Floating Market in Thonburi
  • Oceanworld in Siam Paragon
  • Dreamworld
  • Chinatown
  • Tuktuk ride
  • theme park of Baan Thai
  • Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo
  • Lumphini
  • Bangkok nightlife

Things To Bring

Below is given the checklist of all the essentials that you need to carry before you start your journey :

  • Passport : Once it is stamped at the immigration, make photocopy of the relevant pages and keep it with you at all times. If you are leaving the city for the weekend, carry your passport - its a must.
  • Medical Insurance : Make sure to carry the document in case there is any emergency situation arises.
  • Currency : Its easy to exchange if you carry your currency in USD. There are currency exchange booths at the airport. Plan your budget carefully. In Bangkok 400-500 THB is a good money for a day expense. It may be less if you are comfortable with the street food.
  • Medicines and Contact Lenses : If you are on a prescription drug or wear contact lenses please carry those. The Pharmacies in and around Bangkok all stock up on international brands of medicine but the generic name may not be the same. In most pharmacies the assistants are fluent in English and very helpful.
  • Toiletries : Carry the basics of the preferred brands to get you started. However, you would get in the convenience stores, who stock up on the global brands.
  • Clothes : Carry both formals and casual clothes including a formal footwear, 2-3 sets of formal wear is fine. Thailand is a tropical country, therefore cotton works best. Woollens are rarely required, but good rain wear and an umbrella for the monsoon is a must. For summer the best one is a cap or a broad brimmed hat.
  • Luggage : Try to buy light weight luggage for easy mobility. This is because most domestic airlines in Thailand allows around 15 kg of checked in baggage and 7 kg of hand baggage including the laptop. Excess baggage comes with a heavy penalty, therefore, try to avoid.
  • Mobile : You may have to take a new SIM / calling card and keep in touch with your near and dear ones.
  • Adaptor : This is required to charge your mobile, camera or any other electronic gadgets.
  • Camera : Make sure you carry a camera so that you can capture your happy moments and carry them back to your home country.

Safety In Bangkok

Bangkok is reasonably safe unless you are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some SAFETY TIPS for you -

  • Be careful of your handbag/wallet, especially if you are traveling in public transports. Carry the change to pay the fare, so that you do not have to open your wallet/purse often. Keep your eyes open for pickpockets and avoid keeping your wallet in the back/hip pocket.
  • Passport needs to be with you at all times. Within Bangkok you may carry the photocopy of the relevant pages but while traveling away from the city, its a must that you carry your passport and medical insurance.
  • Be careful of your mobile phone, jewellery and camera. Try to avoid crowded places.
  • While riding motor bike, always wear a helmet and safety jacket.
  • For all private transports like taxis/tuk-tuks/motorbike taxis please ensure that there is a fixed rate or meter. You may be cheated and have end up paying three times the actual fare. Taxis have a fixed meter, and if they ask for extra avoid those.
  • Gem scam. Sometimes the transport drivers take you to a Gem factory and you may need to buy fake stones at a higher rate.
  • Strangers at the bar. Do not let the nightlife carry you away. Avoid strangers.
  • Rules. Do not break rules. Police intervention is never a pleasant experience. For photography in public places look out for signs which says “photography prohibited” and act accordingly.
  • Avoid deserted areas and desolate places. In case of emergency keep a contact’s number on the fast-dial of your mobile. Better safe than sorry.

Bangkok, TEFL Features

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • Anyone without prior teaching experience is also welcome and considered as a potential candidate of this course
  • An individual can avail TEFL course in Bangkok without a degree or diploma
  • The course fee of 1090 USD 800 USD is very reasonable and accommodation is provided in an up market hotel ensuring all modern amenities
  • The TEFL trainers are highly deft and experienced in turning an amateur into a skilled ESL teacher by incorporating teaching skills in them in a methodical and organized way
  • TEFL Course Bangkok includes teaching practice sessions in local schools which allows the TEFL trainees to take classes and implement the lessons taught in class
  • GTA provides 100% job assistance to its trainees once they successfully complete the 3 weeks TEFL Course Bangkok. We help and support our trainees to find a well-paid teaching placement for them
  • TEFL Course Bangkok facilitates the TEFL trainees to become teachers for children as well as makes them eligible to teach adults from the beginner to advanced level
  • In addition to this, the location of Bangkok offering all modern comforts and a thriving nightlife deserves special mention

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