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If you are busy choosing an Indian city to stay and study the methodologies of TEFL while you spend a couple of enjoyable weeks in one of the cosmopolitan cities of India then head to Bangalore or Bengaluru, as it is officially called now. One of the fast-paced cities of India, the city has emerged as the technological hub of India because of its booming IT industry. With a perennially pleasant weather, Bangalore a blend of tradition and modernity has a fairly long list of interesting offerings to its visitors in terms of touristy attractions and more and could be the ideal pace for you to pursue an in-class TEFL program.

Course Details of TEFL Bangalore

Course Fees

Global Training Academy is offering 3 weeks in-class TEFL course in Bangalore at a reasonable course fee of 920 USD.


Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Bangalore is a complete program which includes effective classroom techniques and makes TEFL aspirants familiar with significant teaching methodologies of teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language all around the world. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are there to assist and facilitate the TEFL trainees to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards. GTA has worked at the best of its abilities to establish itself as a most promising and potential TESOL institution.

Program details

TEFL Course in Bangalore is a comprehensive TESOL program in the garden city of Bangalore. It is a 3 week on-site TEFL certification program covering 120 hours and this particular program would help TEFL teachers to get a comprehensive idea about a variety of instructional strategies with the help of properly planned teaching sessions based on both theoretical and practical lessons.


    Bangalore Batch 2018:

  • 8th Jan - 25th Jan
  • 12th Mar - 30th Mar
  • 7th May - 25th May
  • 11th June – 29th June
  • 30th Jul - 17th Aug
  • 24th Sep - 12th Oct
  • 26th Nov - 14th Dec


The accommodation for TEFL trainees in Bangalore comes with a promise of a comfortable stay at reasonable prices.

Options available are :

    - PG accommodation for boys with a/c and non a/c rooms
    - PG accommodation for girls with a/c and non a/c rooms
The PG accommodation for boys is about 3kms away from the training site and for the girls it is just 1.5kms away.

The AC accommodation comes at an affordable cost of 15,000 INR for double occupancy, 12,000 INR for three people sharing the accommodation and 9,500 INR for four persons sharing the facility. The price of the accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rooms come with individual cupboard to store your belongings and has single beds with mattresses and pillows. Bed sheets are changed frequently as part of the room service.

Each room comes with 24hours hot and cold water, micro oven, fridge, 32- inches TV and Gas facility. Free Wi-fi and laundry service is part of the package.

The non AC accommodation is reasonably priced at 8,500 INR for double sharing occupancy.

The PGs remain open from 6 am to 10.30 pm

A service charge of Rs.1000 is collected at the time of admission.

The trainees have a choice of restaurants and eateries in and around the premises in case they want to eat out. The locations are well connected through autos, taxis and buses to the other parts of the town.

Once you are enrolled with us, we are responsible for getting you an accommodation that suits best.

Know more about our TEFL Bangalore course

Global Training Academy’s TEFL Course Bangalore is a promising venture which provides a solid understanding of language teaching, designing lessons and handling resources. The TESOL trainers of GTA are highly qualified and experienced who help the TEFL trainees to get acquainted with all the techniques before they delve into the world of ESL. TEFL Course Bangalore consists of teaching practice sessions in the local schools which help our candidates boost their confidence and help them teach without any inhibitions. GTA trainers assist and guide the candidates in every possible way to become competent ESL/EFL teachers of global standards. During 3 weeks stay the trainees will get the option of choosing a/c and non-a/c PG accommodation and they can look forward to a comfortable a stay at a reasonable price.

About Bangalore

Bangalore, one of the greenest cities in India is a mixed bag of art and culture, religion and traditions and offers a view of its colonial past with a modernized present in its range of interesting tourist places like beautiful lakes and gardens, gorgeous palaces and museums, old temples, great pubs and restaurants and a happening nightlife. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India because of its thriving IT sector and is on the verge of turning into an international city. Choosing Bangalore as the TEFL destination will prove to be a memorable experience as pursuing TEFL course in the garden city of Bangalore will prove to be a holistic and rewarding experience for the candidates.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is about 18 years of age and above, nurtures a deep passion for teaching or planning to become a an ESL/EFL teacher in future, then TEFL Course Bangalore is the right choice for you. This course acts as an amazing platform for anyone- natives or non-native English speakers, with a preferably a bachelor’s degree and a good grasp of English language are eligible to take this course

TEFL Course schedule

TEFL Bangalore is a 3 weeks full time program and covers the following -

Week 1- Components of language teaching methods – TEFL methodology includes course outline , approaches to language , theatre techniques, warmer, context setting, foreign language experience, error correction , lesson planning- the Basic model and the Young Learners with in-class peer teaching experience and observed feedback.

Week 2- Teaching skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing, over view of grammar and phonology, Classroom management skills, text based lesson planning ( listening and reading ) with in-class peer teaching experience and observed feedback and preparation for practice- teaching in school.

Week 3- Teaching practice sessions in schools – based on the basic, young learners and receptive skills models, grammar and phonology assignment.


Bangalore experiences distinct wet and dry seasons. Bangalore mostly enjoys a more moderate climate throughout the year, although there are occasional heat waves in summer that makes life somewhat uncomfortable. The coolest month is December and the hottest month is April. The highest temperature recorded is 38.9 °C (102 °F). The suburbs of Bangalore recorded temperatures as high as 41 °C (106 °F). The lowest ever recorded is 7.8 °C (46 °F). Winter temperatures rarely drop below 12 °C (54 °F), and summer temperatures seldom exceed 37 °C (99 °F). Bangalore receives rainfall from both the northeast and the southwest monsoons and the wettest months are September, October and August. The summer heat is moderated by fairly frequent thunderstorms.

Job Prospects

Once you successfully complete your TEFL course in Bangalore, there are options to look forward to a variety of career paths. There are private, government and international schools, commercial language institutes, corporate houses and further education institutions. TEFL certified students get the opportunity to live and work in different parts of the world as teachers or trainers, experiencing new location and culture. The candidates can teach either kids at school or adults in a language institute or in corporate sector around the globe. There are short-term projects also who look for TEFL qualified teachers. ESL teachers can also head to a new continent and settle down for the next couple of years. Fresh graduates weighing new career options or students on a gap year can take TEFL course to gain both knowledge and skills to strengthen their CVs.

ur complete Bangalore Guide : www.discoverbangalore.com

Bangalore TEFL Features

  • Both native and non-native English speakers are eligible to take up this course
  • Anyone without prior teaching experience is also welcome and considered as a potential candidate of this course
  • An individual can avail TEFL course in Bangalore without teaching experience
  • The course fee of 920 USD is very reasonable
  • The TEFL trainers are highly deft and experienced in turning an amateur into a skilled ESL teacher by incorporating teaching skills in them in a methodical and organized way
  • TEFL Course Bangalore includes teaching practice sessions in local schools which allows the TEFL trainees to take classes and implement the lessons taught in class
  • GTA provides 100% job assistance to its trainees once they successfully complete the 3 weeks TEFL Course Bangalore. We help and support our trainees to find a well-paid teaching placement for them
  • TEFL Course Bangalore facilitates the TEFL trainees to become teachers for children as well as makes them eligible to teach adults from the beginner to advanced level

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