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Internationally Accredited Teacher Training Programs via Online mode of study

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Certificates issued by TESOL Canada are globally accepted and stand valid throughout your lifetime

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TESOL Canada trainers are trained professionals with years of experience in the field of education

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100% assured placement assistance for lifetime. We do not charge any additional cost.

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TESOL Canada makes accessibility to world class professional education possible with affordable pricing for its courses

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TESOL Canada coursework is designed to meet international quality standards and understanding. It is practical, applicable and up to date.

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Understand the program that best suits your needs with free counselling sessions with TESOL Canada counsellors

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What is TESOL and TEFL?

TEFL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and serves as an internationally recognized qualification, that makes one eligible to take up the role of a teacher or a trainer globally. Since its inception in the international market TESOL has always played a significant role in the resumes of many aspiring and experienced teachers. The TESOL qualification serves as a benchmark for many professionals, proving that they are trained and now competent to perform international teaching and training for their employers in international classrooms.

How can it help you?

Career in teaching after doing a TESOL/TEFL program will be:

  • Teaching English in different schools across the globe
  • Work as an ELT/EFL/ESL instructor in language institutes and community colleges
  • Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Work as a subject teacher
  • To become a Spoken English Trainer
  • To work as an IELTS Trainer/Examiner

Why should you do a TESOL Program?

  • You can teach English abroad
  • Avenues are open both for an aspiring or an experienced teacher
  • A vast horizon of teaching and training opportunities can be availed globally
  • Gives you a knowledge about the latest methodologies in teaching and training
  • Higher employability in the international market

Why a TESOL from TESOL Canada?

  • Since its inception in 1995 TESOL Canada has maintained the highest standards of TESOL and TESL courses along with teachers' training programs
  • TESOL Canada is the largest recognized "Online TESOL Center" in Canada
  • Exclusive TESOL Program Certificate from TESOL Canada
  • Flexible online TESOL programs ranging from a Foundation to a PG Diploma Level
  • A globally recognized certificate that gives you the license to teach ESL/EFL in Canada and abroad platforms
  • TESOL Canada aims to research, design as well as upgrade curricula and standards in teaching


TESOL Canada is internationally recognized by Canadian Second Language Teachers Association CLTA, United States Distance Learning Association USDLA, TESOL USA, TESOL Quebec, Chartered College of Teachers U.K, Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada AAAC, International Council for Open & Distance Education ICDE, International TEFL Association IATEFL, Ministry of Canadian Heritage & Culture – Language Portal of Canada, Ministry of Employment, Canada – Emploi Quebec # 0059212. Learn More

TESOL Canada Locations

Montréal, Québec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Mexico City, Monterrey, Karachi, Kolkata, Tehran, Shenyang, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Istanbul, Antalya, Dubai, Doha, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

Avail a chance to earn while you travel !

TESOL is quite a lucrative chance where you get to earn and travel at the same time. This is a great opportunity for the travel enthusiasts especially. The current trend reflects a lot about the increasing demand of teaching English abroad. Since English is required at all levels in any profession, the demand for the same does not get saturated in the global market. Everyday the number of the Non English speakers are increasing who are motivated to learn the language. Hence there has always been gradual and growing demand for teachers expert at teaching ESOL, who can make the non-English speakers acquainted with the English language.

ESL Jobs Middle East

Middle East has now become one of the most thriving locations for the ESL teachers. A certified TESOL teacher with good qualifications can expect to earn a lump some salary since it is tax free with a lot of benefits like accommodation and subsidiary education for their children. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, UAE are the most common locations with plenty of opportunities in ESL. Most of the teaching job positions in the Gulf countries are acquired through scheduled interviews in well advance. The presence of many expatriate communities, a lot of teachers can socialize with a large number of westerners to make the transition easier for themselves.
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Our Testimonial

Our Student Say

The examples following the instruction. I believe I learned a lot! Even though there was no official class in the course, I came away feeling prepared to teach my own TEFL classroom. The course was beneficial and I would definitely recommend this course.

150 Hrs TESOL Online Course

Diana's feedback throughout the course was thorough and helpful. I feel as though as the phases are useful. The trainers were able to give comprehensive feedback. I feel more ready to teach EFL than I did before the course. I would recommend this course to a friend.

Diana McCaffrey, USA
300 Hrs Advance TESOL

I found the videos on the website most useful. The trainers were able to give comprehensive feedback. I think the class was very helpful overall. I feel ready now to begin teaching! I am not yet working as a teacher, but I am interviewing with many schools in Korea now, so I will be soon.

Sean Fenton, USA
450 Hrs Diploma in TESOL